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PeTreaT’s PetPal WiFi Pet Feeder

PeTreaT’s PetPal WiFi Pet Feeder

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  • Save $ 12000

WiFi enabled pet feeder. An essential asset for the automated home with pets. Setup and automate or feeder on a schedule, or, better yet, feed your pet yourself from any Android, or Apple phone or tablet anytime anywhere.

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • WiFi Connection
  • Watch, feed, listen and talk to your pet wherever your are via internet
  • Video Camera - watch and record
  • Photos Camera - take photos
  • Listen to your pet
  • Night Vision
  • Adjustable feeding times
  • Adjustable food quantities
  • SD Memory Card (Not Included)
  • 1 Min Videos each time you feed automatically.
  • Quick and assembly and disassembly
  • Up to 5 feeding times per day
  • Feed you loved one on the go
  • Applications available for IOS and Android devices
  • Critters and Ant protections
  • Electronics all in the top, which is quickly removed for complete cleaning

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