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PetPal Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder

PeTreaT’s PetPal is fun to use, and simply the best pet feeder on the market! PetPal not only offers you the opportunity to have lunch with your pet everyday, but also is packed with cool features, and the patent pending construction is easy to assemble, disassemble, re-fill, and clean. Connect to your PetPal using an IOS, or Android device and have lunch, brunch, or dinner with your pet from anywhere.

The PetPal’s simple construction has three main parts, the Top, the Hopper, and the Body. The Top contains all the electronics: the camera, speaker, mic, motor, and Wi-Fi electronics. The Hopper is a stainless steel tube where your PetPal stores food, and the stainless steel Body looks great indoors or outdoors. Simplistic, Simplistic, works great, and designed to last a lifetime!

Features and Capabilities

The backbone of the PetPal WiFi Automatic Feeder is the Hopper. The Hopper is the food reservoir and consists of a stainless steel 9 inch diameter tube about 11 inches tall, and has a stainless steel round plate that screws up to push food over the top. This is not an auger, and incorporates a new patent pending design that ceases any interruption of the food distribution and eliminates jams. The Top is placed onto the Body with ease and can be secured with two pins. The power supply plugs into a wall socket (120VAC to 240VAC), and the other end (12 V output) plugs into the back of the Top.

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Our Vision

PeTreaT, LLC is re-inventing the pet products industry. We pride ourselves on designing and producing only best-of-class products, and will offer only best-of-class services to our customers. The bottom line, PeTreaT LLC designs and produces products to function problem free for many years and we proudly say this because we test our products extensively before offering them to you. Currently PeTreaT LLC offers the PetPal WiFi-enabled food dispenser, which allows you to leave home worry-free. Feeding your loved ones will always be a joy with the PetPal automatic WiFi pet feeder. Even when you’re on the go, you will always feel a bit little closer to your pet whether your next door, across town, or on a business trip in Shanghai.

PeTreaT LLC strives to be a green company, and only creates products that offer extended life cycles. Though we may offer pet toys in the future, our WiFi Pet Feeder is no toy – it’s a high tech, high end pet feeding machine that you and your loved ones will enjoy for a very long time!

Find out how our PetPal WiFi Automatic Food Dispenser can help you communicate, and feed your pet from anywhere, anytime. Feel free to visit us on Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, or send us a tweet.